Electronic Clip Report - Week of 04.08.19

WABE 90.1/NPR 04.08.19 - Atlanta Film ‘Pageant Material’ Puts Twist On Cinderella Story”
“I really wanted to showcase the idea of queer joy versus queer pain. A queer character is just like everyone else. What makes Rodney different in the eyes of his heterosexual counterparts is largely what makes him the same. We all have dreams, we all want to follow them, we all have a right to.”

Wussy Magazine 04.02.19 - A Drag Come True: Interview with 'Pageant Material' director Jonothon Mitchell”
"Across mainstream and independent media there are very few stories of being gay in the South, let alone stories about being a drag queen in the South."

Instinct Magazine 04.01.19 - ‘Pageant Material’ is a Modern Gay Cinderella Story
"Pageant Material is a loose adaptation on the Cinderella classic, but with some recent films like Dumplin’ and Cherry Pop on Netflix, it joins a surge of coming-of-age stories that were tailor-made for the queer community."

Georgia Public Broadcast 03.21.19 - “Indie Filmmaker Series: Jonothon Mitchell”
"I want people to understand that queer narratives are not uniquely queer. We can relate to them. The stories we tell as queer individuals are just as special and just as important as stories you see from non-queer individuals.”