Electronic Clip Report - Week of 03.27.2018

This week "Pageant Material" has garnered attention from Logo/NewNowNext, Instinct Magazine, and even RuPaul's Drag Race. Below are some of the clips about our film!

NewNowNext 03.25.18 “Drag Race” Queen Mayhem Miller Starring In Teen Drag Film “Pageant Material”
“It is my goal to bring stories of everyday people to life in fresh and exciting ways, but more importantly as a gay man I yearn for more accurate and positive LGBT representation in film.”

Instinct Magazine 03.27.18 Mayhem Miller is set to hit the silver screen with drag artist Desmond Napoles!
"I’ve recently grown to really love and admire drag culture and the strength and bravery drag queens have just by showcasing their talent night after night whether it’s on RuPaul’s Drag Race or on stage at any local clubs across the country. That admiration paired with my own nostalgia and resolve to create a film of importance ended up being integral in developing “Pageant Material.”"