Electronic Clip Report - Week of 09.04.18

VoyageATL 09.05.18 - "Meet Jonothon Mitchell of Problem Attic Productions in Buckhead"
"We are a group that is committed to creating high-quality content and I think the reputation we’ve been able to build for ourselves directly reflects that."

Atlanta Film Chat 07.23.18 "Episode 194: Jonothon Mitchell & Hart Morse"
Jonothon Mitchell and Hart Morse from Pageant Material discuss making the film, drag culture, how Jonothon managed to snag high-profile celebs for the film, and more!

Creative Loafing 07.16.18 - "A Conversation with Jonothon Mitchell"
"If teenagers who identify as queer can see someone like Rodney on the screen who’s not defined by a relationship, but rather the journey he takes to achieve his dreams, I think that’s going to be so inspiring to so many people — at least, I hope so."

Newsy 06.20.18 - "30 Minutes With.. Jonothon Mitchell"
Full video interview coming soon!

Fame Focus 04.12.18 - "'Pageant Material’ Director and Co-Writer Discusses Creating Content with Weight and Purpose"
“I hope that teens all over will see themselves in Rodney and will identify with his strength and courage. I hope we can celebrate his difference and individuality as a queer person and that people can see that what makes Rodney unique is just as important as what makes him ‘normal’ in the eyes of his heterosexual counterparts.”

Matthew's Place/Medium 04/10/18 - "Why I’m Making a Film About a Teenage Drag Queen"
"At his core, Rodney is character who is stronger and braver than I am. He is fearless and stands his ground in the face of oppression. He is smart, quick-witted, and unapologetically queer. He exists to celebrate queer difference, not straight acceptance"

Instinct Magazine 03.27.18 - "Mayhem Miller is set to hit the silver screen with drag artist Desmond Napoles!"
"I’ve recently grown to really love and admire drag culture and the strength and bravery drag queens have just by showcasing their talent night after night whether it’s on RuPaul’s Drag Race or on stage at any local clubs across the country. That admiration paired with my own nostalgia and resolve to create a film of importance ended up being integral in developing “Pageant Material.”"

NewNowNext 03.25.18 “Drag Race” Queen Mayhem Miller Starring In Teen Drag Film “Pageant Material”
“It is my goal to bring stories of everyday people to life in fresh and exciting ways, but more importantly as a gay man I yearn for more accurate and positive LGBT representation in film.”

Feature Film About LGBT Youth, Benefiting Development of GSA Programs in Schools

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Feature Film About LGBT Youth, Benefiting Development of GSA Programs in Schools

Atlanta, GA, March 14, 2018 ― Imagine if John Waters gave us a film with a little bit of To Wong Foo, a touch of Steel Magnolias, and the heart of Little Miss Sunshine all bundled as a loose adaptation of Cinderella. Pageant Material, a new film from Director Jonothon Mitchell (Adult Swim's Dear Jono), aims to be that film.

This coming-of-age southern dramedy tells the story of a seventeen year old boy named Rodney (Hart Morse) in rural Alabama who dreams of escaping his small southern hometown in pursuit of following in his mother’s footsteps as an award-winning pageant queen. Despite struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death and an onslaught of bullying and abuse from his step-father, step-brothers, and classmates, Rodney calls upon his best friend Monique (Marianne Johnson) and a unique cast of southern characters to help him take the crown in an upcoming teen drag pageant in Atlanta, GA.

In addition to film leads Hart Morse and Marianne Johnson, the cast includes Catherine Dyer (Stranger Things), Evah Destruction, and 10-year-old drag artist and award-winning LGBTQ activist Desmond Napoles.

Pageant Material aims to explore topics such as growing up gay, the struggle to create your own identity, and small-town life. While many films about LGBT identity set in the deep South focus solely on the opposition, the film hopes to take a different approach and focus on painting the South in a tolerant light, despite a lack of resources.

Through its reflection of life as a gay teen in the south, the film hopes to provide real-world support to an organization known as The Dru Project. Half of the profits earned by the completed film will benefit their mission of providing support for education on issues facing LGBTQIA community members, assisting in the development of Gay-Straight Alliance programs in schools, providing support and consultation for parents of LGBTQIA youth, and advocating for greater access to mental health services, and develop future leaders in the LGBTQIA community..

The film is currently in post-production.

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